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About Interapp Development

Interapp Development is a small web-application development and advanced website development corporation, located in Salisbury, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Because of the collaboration tools available to us today, we have a nationally reaching client base, which accompanies our valued local clients as well.  Our size and our low overhead also allows us to be very competitive within our virtual marketplace of fellow ASP.NET website developers.

Mike Joseph, President of the company, opened his virtual door for business in early 2003.  He has almost 15 years of web-development experience, developing his first website in 1995.  Since then he's continued to grow his skill-set and professional experience by working with some amazing and SMART people over the years.  Being in business as a corporate entity for 3 years, and nearly 6 independently, he's worked for many big names in industries such as Automotive, Financial, Insurance industries, and government agencies.  To learn a little more about Mike, you can read his resume here.

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